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Film Photography

First started on 24th January 2008, our aim is to want YOU, the singaporeans to show us what you've got!
Family shots, photos from your holiday in bangkok, korea, england, polaroids from your class gathering... we want to see all! there are no restrictions, no limits. just keep in mind that only film photos are allowed :) everyone loves pretty photos, dont we?
If you love film photography or lomography like we do, JOIN us!

  1. only photos developed from film are allowed!
  2. digital photos WILL be deleted (repeating the offence >3 times will get you banned) post them in sg_snapshots instead!
  3. photos need not to be from lomo cameras, all kinds of film cameras are welcomed!
  5. please try to include the model of your camera & the type of film you use too
  6. high resolution (anything bigger than 640x640) photos please put them under the cut
  7. only 1-2 photos are allowed to be placed before a lj-cut (how to lj-cut)
  8. any queries about film/film cameras/all things film related can be posted
  9. NO SALES POSTS. dont sell your cameras here. go sgselltrade or clubsnap but NEVER HERE. sales posts will be deleted accordingly, repeating the offence >3 times will get you banned.
  10. only members of the community are allowed to post. comments by non-members & members alike are allowed.
  11. Happy Posting! :)

helpful addresses of photo labs/shops that sell lomo cameras/price list of films : click here (members-only entry)

any questions please refer them to my email : sally_says_no@hotmail.com & i will post them here if they're appropriate! :)

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